Enabling ITS in Urban areas.


Standardization actvities in the domain of Urban ITS were started in 2015 with support from the European Commission. A prestudy was carried by CEN/TC 278 to identify standardzation needs in support of deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in Urban areas. The results were used as input to the EC Standardization Request M546, which was adopted in February 2016. In order to support these developments and to carry out the tasks resulting from the Standardzation Request CEN/TC 278 decided to create a new Working Group, WG 17, in May 2016.

Prestudy Urban ITS

A prestudy was carried out by CEN/TC 278  to identify gaps and overlaps in ITS standards that may be needed by Urban Administrations to assist them to implement Urban-ITS. As part of the work 95 use cases for ITS deployment in the Traffic Management, Multimodal Information Systems and Urban Logistics domains were examened. In addition more than140 projects/reports studied for relevance and content.  These were used to create 103 interim recommendations for standards related activities that could usefully help to expedite the speedy deployment of Urban ITS. The report of the the prestudy can be downloaded here:

Executive Report

Full Report (>600 pages)